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Demand Exceeds Supply for New FMS UCD Series Uncoilers

It is getting well known among customers that FMS constantly builds to stock its new tube machinery equipment such as uncoilers, shear end welders, horizontal strip accumulators and tube mills. Yes, you heard it right; FMS indeed builds and stocks new tube mills that are ready to go. Many customers have received benefits from FMS’s new and in stock, ready to go equipment. More customers are taking advantage of this unusual new equipment build-in-stock policy from FMS, which sometimes, and getting more often now, FMS cannot build and stock certain new equipment in time to meet the customer’s demand. FMS UCD series uncoilers are one of those cases.

FMS UCD series uncoilers are so called double end or double arm uncoilers made to uncoil strip from a steel coil for further strip preparation, such as butt weld and joint, strip accumulation, before entering the tube forming process in a tube mill. FMS develops and builds its own UCD series double end uncoilers as part of its own brand entry equipment for its own FMS tube mill lines and supplies to customers that are replacing their aging and worn uncoilers. FMS UCD series uncoilers are simple, reliable and very affordable, and gaining popularity among customers. For the past couple years, there are more than 20+ FMS UCD uncoilers successfully installed and in operation with high customer satisfaction in US market alone. Moreover, the word is getting out, and the demand is increasing. Only in the second week of 2015, FMS’s most recent orders of three (3) UCD-5 double 10,000 Lbs. built-to-stock uncoilers, 2 with manual base rotation and 1 with powered base rotation, are all sold out before their supposed arrival schedule on our shop floor by the end of January 2015. Now again, FMS is busy in squeezing its already busy production schedule for another batch of built-to-stock UCD 5 uncoilers and race with always “ASAP” delivery.

Photo Shown Typical In-Stock FMS UCD-5 Double 10,000 lb. Uncoiler