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Why Choose Freedom Mill Systems ?

Freedom Mill Systems - Your connection to increased productivity.

Freedom Mill Systems has a staff with over 75 combined years of service in the coil processing and tube mill industry. We focus on delivering quality machinery at very competitive prices.

Freedom Mill Systems realized a need, in North and South America, for tube mills and other machinery that are unified in design and construction. We moved into the marketplace with a product that is designed by the same team that builds them. Traditionally new multi-component machinery, especially tube mills, are designed and built by as many as seven different builders. On most new tube mills sold in North America, the tube mill builder purchases entry and exit equipment including the cut-off, bundling system and tooling from other manufacturers.

When you have a special mill requirement or want a custom mill designed, it can be very difficult and costly for traditional mill builders to get all the individually supplied components to interface and work as one machine. The traditional mill builders have to restrict their designs to the limitations of the models provided by the different companies manufacturing the uncoiler, shear welder, accumulator, cut-off, run-out and bundling systems. Special design considerations if you can get them from component suppliers usually pushes the cost of the final product to an unacceptable level.

With Freedom Mill Systems overseeing all the design and manufacturing, cost is held down while providing a better operating interface between the components. This is more efficient than the traditional procedure when the mill builder provides only the forming mill, welding and sizing mill and purchases all other equipment from other OEM suppliers.

Finally, we come to warranty and service. All of Freedom Mill Systems components are built together and covered by the same warranty and service agreement. With traditional mill builders, it is often a murky situation as to where responsibility falls when problems arise in start up or production breakdowns. With many different component suppliers involved, they often point the finger of blame at each other when there is a problem. A fully integrated system from a single supplier is a wise decision from a production stand point and long term reliability.

These are only a few of the advantages Freedom Mill Systems offers potential mill buyers. Along with the unity of design and construction, we deliver the final product at a considerable savings to the buyer.

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