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Tube Mills & Pipe Mills

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Freedom Mill Systems offers you the best of both worlds with custom design and budgetary pricing.

FMS mills have a solitary efficient design and function engineered into every mill. We manufacture all the components from uncoiler to cut off. They are all designed and built as one working unit. These components from different builders are sometimes mismatched and do not always work in synchronization. FMS designs and builds a tube mill as one working unit. From the uncoiler to the cut-off each component matches the buyers specifications and are designed to be built together and run together as one.

Since FMS mills do not have to buy components from other manufacturers and mark them up again, we can offer high quality mills at a very competitive price.

FMS offer the following advantages on our mills:

- Custom design
- Rafting
- Horizontal accumulators
- Single point adjustment
- Digital length control
- Rack and pinion acceleration
- Competitive tooling
- Very competitive pricing
- Excellent drive packages
- Good delivery time
- Installation and start-up assistance
- Old mills taken in on trade
- Very good service & training
- Very good warranty

3 x .140 NEW FMS 76-65 H.F. TUBE MILL: Uncoiler; Shear & End Welder; Horizontal Accumulator; Solid State Welder; Flying Cut-Off Saw; In Stock-Ready for Shipment. Ref. No. M917
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3 x .130 NEW FMS TM LM 76-63 H.F. TUBE MILL: Uncoiler; Shear & End Welder; Horizontal Accumulator; Flying Cut-Off Saw. Ref. No. M892
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