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Uncoilers, Coil Reels, Centering Reels are used in the coil processing industry. They are used to hold the coil of steel by the coil I.D. by an expanding mandrel. The coil of steel is typically fed onto the uncoiler mandrel using crane or coil car. The mandrel is then expanded to hold the coil of steel by the I.D. The coil of steel is then ready to feed into the coil processing machinery by unwinding the steel strip or steel coil. Some reels are double ended so that one coil of steel can be stored, at the ready. When the first coil on the uncoiler reaches the end, the uncoiler can be rotated 180o so the second or stored coil can be fed into the rollformer or tube mill.

NEW FMS 10,000 LBS. MODEL UCD-5-300 DOUBLE ARM UNCOILER:Hydraulic Expansion; Air Brakes; NEW. Ref. No. M667
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NEW FMS 6,000 LBS. MODEL UCD-3-250 DOUBLE END UNCOILER: 72 O.D.; 10 Strip Width; Hydraulic Expansion; Manual Rotation. Ref. No. M1024
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