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Latest News for New FMS Solid-State H. F. Welders

Saved By Stock: In late August of 2014, one of FMS’s Canadian customers called FMS stating that their high frequency welder was down and beyond repair. They were desperately looking for a quality and operational used high frequency 200 kW welder for replacement. FMS offered him its own brand new 200 kW solid state welder in stock for immediate delivery with very affordable and competitive price, compared to used welder. The customer immediately sent a representative to FMS’s show room in Ohio to inspect the proposed welder. One week later, the new and in stock FMS new welder was shipped to customer. After another week, after customer properly installed the welder, FMS sent its own technicians from Ohio to customer’s facility in western Canada to start up the welder. Four days later, the new welder was up and running and it has been running ever since. This is just one of many cases where FMS customers benefited from FMS new and in-stock tube machinery and mill lines.

Fin Tube Application: Right after Thanksgiving Holiday of 2014, FMS dispatched its own technicians and successfully started up its third new FMS solid state high frequency welder for welding fin tubes for a customer in the state of Oklahoma. For the past couple years, the customer has been systematically replacing their old welders with brand new FMS solid-state high frequency welders for their fin tube production.

SDHW Tube Challenge: Welding extreme small diameter and heavy wall (SDHW) tube with high yield strength steel materials is always a challenge to high frequency welders. Right before the end of 2014, the technician team from FMS, thru working closely with customer’s mill operators and maintenance people successfully commissioned a new FMS 300 KW solid state high frequency welder to weld 1/2” x .078” tubes at 300 FPM mill speed. Later on, the customer informed FMS that they even tried welding 6 mm OD heavy gauge tubes with success. This is another successful case of FMS working with its customer closely to make its equipment satisfy our customer’s special production needs.

First In 2015: FMS solid state high frequency welder has a good start in 2015. Right after New Year holiday, FMS has successfully secured an order for a new 300 KW solid state welder from one of its customers in east Ohio. In the meantime, a couple of new welder deals are still under negotiation. FMS staff considers the first new welder order is a good omen for its success of business in 2015.