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Freedom Mill Systems offers upgrade components to maximize the performance of your existing mill.

If you have had a lot of downtime or high maintenance costs on old uncoilers, accumulators, cut-offs and other components, you may want to consider replacing them with a new component from Freedom Mill Systems.

It is proven that increased production speeds, lowered scrap and less downtime can pay for a new mill component in a short time. After the costs of the upgrade is recovered, the rest is continued through increased profits. Freedom Mill Systems can supply your tube mill with the following upgrades:

- New Uncoilers. Quicker coil exchange, greater capacity and better braking.
- New Shear Welders. Portable and fast.
- New Accumulators. Custom made, quick and efficient.
- New Cut-Offs. High Speed Friction and cold cut-off saws.
- New End-Facing and Bundling Systems.
- New Solid State Welders.
- New Digital Length Control for accurate press cut-offs.

FMS can help you analyze and identify problem sections of your existing mills and help you increase production with the right component replacement or upgrade.

FMS is always competitive in price and delivery. Please contact us for help in upgrading your existing tube mill operation.

Looking for New & Used Tube & Pipe Equipment? Visit Freedom Machinery's website or contact them at (419) 832-0100.


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